Just a guy, covered in mud!

No,  I don’t work in septic system clean out.  This is actually something my wife and I did for fun.  I chose to use this picture to illustrate that attitude, rather than circumstances, can determine our state of mind.  I’m covered in mud and soaked to the bone, but having a grand time.

Currently enrolled in the School of hard knocks, with a masters degree of being out on the road.

I’ve had the privilege of traveling to 12 different countries and most of the states here in the US.  I make my living as a traveling salesman.  I wanted to pass on some of the things I’ve learned that have helped me survive being out on road, away from home.

Crafting a Life of Excellence

Our time on earth is short.  I seek to live life deliberately and with purpose.  I don’t ever want to waste a day or let circumstances get the best of me.  By living intentionally, and following a plan, I’m getting the most out of life.  I hope to encourage you to do likewise.

Sharing ideas with others

I don’t have it all together.  Just ask my wife or my teenagers.  But I do cherish the life I have created.  I hope we can share ideas together of how to improve our lives regardless where we are or what we do.

Creative Outlet

I’m a creative person and in order to stay healthy and sane, I seek out ways to express that creativity.  Building this website was a way to do just that.  I love to think out of the box and problem solve things that seem overwhelming to others.  If you are struggling and need support, drop me a line.