At rest, whether I liked it or not…

It’s been a bit since I posted last.  Few things knock me down and discourage me like sickness.  I was down for the count. 22 consecutive days of being ill.  It’s interesting the places your mind goes in such times.  Laying in bed; brain and body in a fevered state, I decided I wasn’t “doing” enough in life, nor were my kids or my wife.  “We must all double our efforts!” and other such thoughts was the mindset in the moment.  Mind you I hadn’t been out of bed in 4 days at this point.  And that is when I realized peace and rest must rule the day, not “productivity”.  Fortunately, I hadn’t been able to communicate my distress and need for action to the fam.  Instead, I slowly recovered and gave thanks not to be dealing with ongoing sickness as a regular part of life.

I hope to encourage you to see your life through a filter of peace and rest.  It’s easy for me to get spun up and caught in anxiety and madness of the moment.  Stepping back, gaining perspective, and choosing to respond rather than react can sound like psychobabble gibberish if you not are used to discipline your mind.  In truth, you get to choose which thoughts you agree with and which you will not allow to affect you in a negative way.

Choose peace, choose rest, allow yourself to be in the moment and respond as you desire, not react out of fear, desperation, or panic.

Oh, and watch this kid if you need a laugh.

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